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Real-time Anti-virus
Capacity: 100M/250M/../3G/30G
Real-time Anti-virus, Excellent Spam Filtering
Capacity Management For Each Address
Support Multi-Domain Binding for 9G plus
Multi-Pointed Forwarding Around the World, Safe Communication Under Encryption
Specially Suitable for Business User With Large Needs
Network Service:Telecom CNC HK
Auto-Save Prevent From Losing Letters
    DIY Your Email Capacity
    Real-time Anti-virus, Excellent Spam Filtering
    Complete Management of Email Type and Address Capacity
    Special Features Available For Special Needs
    The Large Capacity You Buy, The More You Save
    Network Service:Telecom CNC HK
    Auto-Save Prevent From Losing Letters

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Exceptionally Large Email Storage
We provide diverse capacities of email storage to fit for your enterprise’s size. For big enterprises, email storage as large as 30G is also available. Don't worry about losing important emails caused by incapacity of your email.
Hyper Stable Oversea Communication Function
We have a Telecom IDC room in Hong Kong to make sure that our mail system has stable & reliable performance. Multi-technology guarantee in oversea communication is also provided. Furthermore, we have many experienced technicians in country to supply great service. Our network monitoring service (24/7) guarantee that system service trouble would be settled as soon as possible.
Strong Anti-virus Protection
We offer users with round-the-clock, high-performance, comprehensive protection against the threat of e-mail viruses and malicious code for ALL their email accounts. Our Anti-Virus software detects nearly 100% of viruses and other malicious programs. Our comprehensive virus patterns database updates at frequent intervals and supports infallible identification.
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