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 Ideal for entrepreneurs looking for expanding their network business:
     You may have been providing domain names registration or email services with your own platform, and you may not want to make any changes to the way you adopt to manage your business and the data you collect from your clients. However, you may like to have an automatic system which makes your operation much easier and quicker for adding your profitability. In this sense, the API mode will be right for you.
 Introduction of API MODE:
     API mode is a transfer network interface mode, which provides a complete communication protocol called DBRRP. Our resellers' servers are connected to Todaynic's servers via DBRRP. A security certificate is sent by Todaynic's server and every command from reseller is monitored, resolved and operated by Todaynic's server with DBRRP. An encrypted SSL connections between resellers' and Todaynic's server is required. The DBRRP communication protocol contains a series of commands including finance, domain names registration and email.
 Features of API mode
* With Todaynic's API mode, reseller is able to make domain names registration and email creation effective in real-time.
* Existing database reseller has collected is not affected; with the server Todaynic provided, reseller is able to provide customers with real-time and automatic services.
* Effectively improves service levels without investments in software development or hardware.

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